Barzso Playsets, Inc
Remember the feeling you had as a kid when you received a playset for a present?

Looking at the box, opening those little bags that contained treasures never before seen, setting up for the first time... Well, now you can recapture those feelings with a brand new playset from BARZSO PLAYSETS!

Please note: Barzso figures, buildings, and accessories are in 54mm scale.

NEW: The Duke's Stronghold - $259.95 + $45.00 Shipping

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Our Guarantee
I have tried to make all BARZSO PLAYSETS, Inc. products to a high standard of quality. I want to give the collector that wonderful feeling of opening up a brand new toy for the first time. If you are in any way disappointed with a BARZSO PLAYSETS, Inc. product, simply return it within 1 year for a complete refund. If you find any part broken or defective, return it for a new one. - Ron Barzso